• Global Resource Manager for Green Datacenter to Support Green Hadoop and Cassandra

Designing and implementing of a datacenter-level resource manager for green Hadoop and green Cassandra. This resource manager needs to track the intermittent production of on-site renewable energy, and negotiate with various frameworks (e.g., Hadoop, Cassandra, etc.). Along with grid energy, that may have dynamic pricing, the resource manager decides the best use of the intermittent green energy.

  • Improving the Quality of Wikipedia’s Article from Statistical Analyses (Spring 2015)

Identified many potential attributes in terms of readability score that are responsible for making an article hard or easy to read. The higher the score is the more difficult it is to read an article. I have collected values of all potential attributes from about 45 thousand Wikipedia’s article from various categories. Finally, the relationship between readability and all potential attributes has been analyzed and measured using JMP, a computer program for statistics.

  • Forensics Analysis of a Hard Drive using EnCase (Spring 2015)

A hard drive was analyzed thoroughly and prepared examiner’s log to answer several questions related to the case. The log includes System Information, Registry Information, etc. In conclusion, the intention of the user of the hard drive was also identified.

  • Sockpuppet Detection in Wikipedia using Machine Learning Techniques (Fall 2014)

Sockpuppet is a false user who deceptively intends to manipulate an article in Wikipedia. Our semi-automatic tool can detect a Sockpuppet based on their posts and comments using authorship attribution. I modified our classifier and added new features to the feature matrix which yields a new accuracy from 70% to 82%.

  • Spam Email Campaign Detection using Data Mining (Spring 2014)

A huge number of URLs, arriving in spam email, eventually points to a much smaller set of redirected URLs. We present a method to cluster spam emails into spam campaigns using Redirected URLs and Randomized Sub-domains. We analyzed 150K spam emails collected from various sources which produced a tremendous result in spam campaign detection.

  • Performance Analysis of Amazon EC2 Instances (Fall 2013)

We disprove several common conceptions regarding the performance and cost of cloud computing by experimenting on instances of two different families (Compute Optimized and Storage Optimized) of the most popular cloud platform, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

  • Performance analysis of OpenStack over multiple nodes (Fall 2013)

Setup OpenStack in lab to simulate the behavior of multiple applications in cloud computing environment. Use multiple physical machines in same network to create instances from OpenStack dashboard.

  • Online Payment System for University Student in Bangladesh

3C Logo
As a co-founder of Criss Cross Computers (3C), I designed and implemented a complete online payment service for the students at SUST, Bangladesh ( With the help of our service, students can easily apply and make payments for their transcripts. We also deliver their transcripts worldwide via international courier services. As a result, they do not need to go to the university in person to apply and get their transcripts. 3C is the first ever organization which began an online payment system for the public universities in Bangladesh. Unlike other online payment service providers, it mainly provides services for academic organizations.